Computer Rescue

We Service Marlborough, Chelmsford, Lowell and Beyond!!

YES, You Know Us!! Our Store was originally in Chelmsford For 25 years! Prior to Covid.

(We are in Chelmsford, Lowell and Billerica at least 3 times a week for free pickups/dropoffs)

Call or Text Steve 978-387-9019
Over 30,000 Rescues!
For Home or Business: We offer Pickup/Delivery And OnSite Service
Over 25 Years in Business! 

 We are in the Chelmsford, Lowell and Billerica and Surrounding areas at least 3 times a week! Schedule your On-Site service or free pickup and delivery now! We will drop it back to you when ready!! Give us a call!


Pickup Specials Only!  (OnSite is slightly more)

Virus Removal $89.95 (most cases)

Wipe and Reload $109.95

Call us to schedule On-Site service or free pickup/delivery. We are in the area at least 3 times a week!




















Don't Panic! Let Us Rescue Your Computer!!

Over 25 Years of Quality Repairs...

Continuing with the same Quality Service and Trust you have grown to know from our Store in Chelmsford over the years. Steve will be there for you! Call me Now! On-Site or Pickup.

Call or Text  us at: (978) 387-9019

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We offer On-Site service or free pickup/delivery along the route 495 belt from Marlborough to Billerica and Beyond!!

Generally, we have 1-2 days turnaround time on pickup/delivery service!!

Over 25 years of business.

Over 50 years of experience in all aspects of electronic and computer repair.


Our Services: In Shop Prices are shown, On-Site is slightly more.

  • Wipe and Reload system-Start Fresh!! $109.95
  • Virus/Malware Removal our Specialty! $89.95 (most cases)
  • We Service All Brands of Windows OS Computers, WindowsXP, Windows7, Windows10, Windows 11
  • Data Backup/Retrieval..Doc's, QuickBooks, Pictures, etc
  • Laptop, NoteBook, Tower & Tablet Setup, connect your Wireless and also setup security!
  • We can setup your Security cameras, Alexa Devices, Smart Home Devices
  • Networking Multiple Computers and Wireless Printers.
  • Wired/Wireless Internet Connection Setup with Security Settings.
  • Comcast and Verizon Modem and Wireless Router Connection Issues.
  • Email Setup, Cloud Storage Setup.

Always with fast turnaround time. We know that down-time is critical to the operation of your business and personal use.  Call Us, We can come to your home or business for On-Site service or pickup your computer in all surrounding areas of Chelmsford, Lowell or Billerica.